Composi-Patch is a tank repair system that can be used to repair anomalies on walls and tank roofs. This repair system allows for the dynamic movement of these tanks without having to worry about the repair “cracking” due to the stiffness of adhesive. It requires no hot welding and can be installed with just one person saving time and money.

The Composi-Patch system is available in pre-measured kits with necessary materials to complete a repair within hours from start to finish.

Step 1:

Clean area needed for a repair due to corrosion and or leaks down to white metal.

Step 2:

Once surface is prepped clean with solvent to remove any debris as well as any oils.

Step 3:

Apply leak pad provided in kit with the fast curing adhesive over anomaly area.

Step 4:

Begin layering the saturated fabric over leak pad area to achieve the 4 layer thickness and smooth out all areas to lay flush with the tank and around any welds or rivets.

Step 5:

Once the layer count is achieved put one last layer of the provided adhesive onto the anomaly area and spread to uniform thickness paying close attention to any non-saturated areas.

Step 6:

Once adhesive is cured then coat with approved operator’s coating for UV protection as well as to protect any bare metal from future problems.