Composi-Sleeve™ is the only industry non-welded anomaly repair solution that uses a combination of steel sleeves and composite overwrap. Composi-Sleeve™ is a patented pipeline anomaly repair solution that protects and supports pipeline flow. It too is ASME PCC-2 certified and has recorded the lowest strains in full scale testing as seen here.

Repair Apparatus & Method for Pipe & Fittings
U.S. Patent #7,938,146 B2

Repair Apparatus & Method
U.S. Patent #8,424,571S

It utilizes a military-grade adhesive to secure the steel sleeve onto the pipe without the need of typical hot welding. A composite overwrap goes over the top to give additional support as well as protect the steel sleeve from future corrosion.

Composi-Sleeve™ has been tested and used for structural reinforcement for spans, crossings and overburden scenarios. It has been used to repair pipeline anomalies such as cracks, dents, corrosion and even small diameter holes. Since there is no hot welding it is ideal for thin wall pipe that you typically wouldn’t want to weld on.

Composi-Sleeve™ can be custom made in house to cover girth welds and raised long seams without the need of grinding them down and providing the extra needed support for these vulnerable areas.

It is Smart PIG detectable, requires no mechanical (hot) welding and provides a safer installation method without having to interrupt service saving time and money.

Step 1:

Once pipe is prepped use the high compressive load transfer material to fill in anomalies and tent any welds.

Step 2:

Steel sleeves are delivered ready to go with minimal prep work and cut to desired length. Use the provided pre-measured acrylic adhesive and coat inside of sleeves.

Step 3:

Place sleeves over the anomaly area so the orientation of the seams provides the ideal coverage.

Step 4:

Use provided clamps every 4” and secure the sleeves onto the pipe. Clamps are torqued down in a 3 step process using a specific pattern to allow adhesive to fill in any voids and provide the perfect thickness of adhesive. Let adhesive set about 45 minutes to 1 hour at 77°F and will change color when cure then the clamps can be removed.

Step 5:

The composite overwrap is then ready to be applied once sleeves are cleaned up. The overwrap provides extra reinforcement in addition to the sleeves as well as protection from the surrounding environment such as potential water ingress.

Step 6:

Once overwrap is cured then entire system is coated with operator approved coating tying the repair into the existing coating making a seamless transition between the two. (*Note in this picture two Composi-Sleeve™ were installed on either side of elbow using the overwrap to transition between the two that had external corrosion in that area as well.)